At the Coffee House and Deli, we only use Vascobelo coffee; Belgium’s finest blend of organic Arabica beans. Here’s a little more info for coffee connoisseurs.


This coffee has an unprecedented mildness. A sensual delight, created with a fine balance of subtle aromas. The rich body displays a taste pallet of fruit, caramel, nuts, chocolate, a tinge of almond and honey. It all mixes together perfectly into a full-bodied and silky blend



Our Le Roi has been carefully composed of the very best coffee beans from coffee-producing countries such as Brazil, Costa Rica, Zambia, Java and Rwanda. Vascobelo have developed this prizewinning blend in co-operation with Belgium’s most critical coffee tasters.

This coffee blend is 100% Arabica, organic, fair trade and Rainforest Alliance certified. The latter is a quality mark which guarantees that the coffee beans are grown with respect for environment, people and animals.


Country of origin: Brazil, Costa Rica, Zambia, Java, Rwanda 

Coffee farm: various, all Rainforest Alliance certified 

Variety: different varieties, all 100% Arabica

Cultivation altitude: >1200 meters

Process: wet preparation 

Roasting: light/medium

Body: sweet /full 

Acidity: low


We had never even heard of Vascobelo coffee – until the guys at morethanjustcoffee.com got in touch with us and asked us if we would like to review a few packs. Errrrr.. YES we said – send it over NOW and stop wasting our time with pointless questions. And they did – shed loads of it – bags, pods and even a machine. These guys really know how to treat an impartial coffee reviewer. As they handed the stuff over we did tell them – if it’s crap, we’ll say so. So here’s the first one – and it’s a lush 1kg bag. Bags this big always give us a warm fuzzy feeling and kind of always lead to good reviews. Not because we’re easily bought – but because when you use the same coffee over and over again for a few weeks, you get to know exactly how to make it. This stuff was a universal crowd pleaser in our office – never have so many people suddenly become coffee drinkers – they’ve been glugging it down like it’s the last beans on earth and the beans themselves were a lovely, uniform look that almost looked like sweets. We never had a bad cup from this bag – when we made it strong it was good, and when we made a weaker one (God forbid) it was still top class. There’s no weird and fancy flavours in here – no lemons, nuts or chocolate – it’s just proper coffee. I don’t know how you get this stuff as a consumer, but we would advise you try. I’m struggling for a reason to not give this one a 10 out of 10.  So it’s a 10 out of 10.

"Judge Nooge"

Coffee Judge, The Coffee Judge